Crystal Reed to appear nude in new film

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Teen Wolf fans could get to see more of Crystal Reed than ever before when she appears as a stripper in a new independent movie.


Reed, who plays Allison Argent in Teen Wolf, told AAP she takes on the new role in Too Late, directed by Dennis Hauck.

But just how much flesh she bares will depend on how the movie is edited.

The 29-year-old, who was at the ASTRA subscription TV awards in Sydney on Thursday night with her partner The Voice host Darren McMullen, says the movie is still in production.

Appearing nude was a threshold she was inevitably going to cross after leaving Teen Wolf, she said.

“I am really excited for (the movie),” Reed said.

“I play a stripper which is really cool and a little far removed from Allison Argent.

“I don’t know how they are going to edit it and it depends on what kind of rating they want … but I wouldn’t mind (if I’m nude in it).”

Reed has yet to decide her next move after leaving the series which appears in Foxtel’s Fox8 in Australia.

She’s currently been trying her luck in LA during the TV pilot season, when networks cast for new series.

Auditioning for new shows has left Reed a little jaded after having to handle career rejection on a mass scale for the first time.

“I’m in the middle of pilot season and I took a break from over there to say hi to Darren,” she said.

“It’s scary (pilot season),

“Before Teen Wolf, I had never done a pilot season, it was my first show, so I never experienced it

“I thought I thick skin enough for rejection and I have to keep saying to myself, ‘it’s alright Crystal, what’s mean to be is meant to be'”.

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