Gold Coast man bashes bus driver over fare

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A passenger bashed a Gold Coast bus driver after an argument erupted about paying for his fare, police say.


Detective Acting Inspector Paul Austin says the attack occurred about 8.30am (AEST) on Friday on Nerang St in Southport.

He said the passenger boarded the bus and tried to pay with a pre-paid travel card, or GoCard, which didn’t have any money on it.

The culprit then tried to pay with a $50 note, but the 63-year-old driver did not have sufficient change.

“There was an attempt at payment, however we do believe there was an escalation of his language, of his demeanour, which then became violent,” Insp Austin told reporters.

The driver was taken to hospital with bruising and cuts to his face.

Insp Austin commended the driver for getting up once he was being assaulted and moving towards the door so other passengers on the bus were not in the firing line.

“However, that did mean that the assault continued … and he received further assault on the footpath,” he said.

Video of the incident shows the driver being dragged on the ground outside the bus while being kicked by his attacker.

The culprit is thought to be in his late teens or early 20s, has a dark complexion, a medium build, tattoos and sports a mohawk hairstyle.

The attack comes a month after two women – Lana Watmough, 21, and Layni Cameron, 17 – sparked outrage after the were recorded allegedly assaulting an elderly man on a Gold Coast bus.

Insp Austin said he expected a similar public outcry.

“In the social media, we’ll get a lot of response as to what people think,” he said.

“We’ll do our job and follow this investigation out to the nth degree.”

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