‘Hell yeah’ to Blanchett’s Oscar speech

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Emma Stone was blown away by Cate Blanchett’s Oscar speech.


In Sydney promoting The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with her onscreen/offscreen beau Andrew Garfield (who plays Spidey), Stone enthused about female roles on film.

Movies like The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Blue Jasmine and perhaps soon, the new adaptation Divergent, are not just hitting screens but storming the box office.

Stone says Hollywood seems to be waking up to the fact that movies with strong female roles can actually make money.

“I would hope so. Remember Cate Blanchett’s Oscar speech? How great was that. Hell yeah!” she says.

“There’s a lot of the population that wants to see movies with a female lead and it’s exciting to be around in a time where that is kind of at the forefront of people’s attention.”

In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Stone plays Gwen Stacy, the brainy girlfriend of Peter Parker aka Spider-Man.

And she’d like to clear up just how much of a part she played in making sure Gwen was more than simply `the girlfriend’.

“The whole thing,” she jokes.

“I’ll just take credit for the whole thing. I wrote it, I directed it.

“(No) they were very clear about Gwen being her own woman and a really strong and independent character which is incredibly important,” she adds.

Stone says the writers even penned the script after watching the first film so it would suit her personal style of banter this time around.

Whether Gwen returns in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 is yet to be seen, especially with Shailene Woodley (who coincidentally stars in Divergent) cast as Parker’s other main love interest Mary Jane.

Woodley actually filmed a couple of small scenes for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but they were cut, because director Marc Webb wanted to make sure the film was really Gwen and Peter’s movie.

As to whether Stone has any advice for a future girlfriend of Spidey, Stone laughs.

“Shailene does not need any advice. She is a badass,” she says.

“She is doing just fine. I seek advice from HER often.”

* The Amazing Spider-Man 2 releases in Australian cinemas on April 17

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