Liano may quit Real Housewives

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There could be a vacancy coming up on The Real Housewives of Melbourne with Gina Liano considering leaving the Foxtel series.


Liano and fellow cast member Andrea Moss have clashed on and off the screen and it’s had a knock-on effect with some of the other Housewives.

Moss has accused Liano of sending a legal letter to her during the taping of the series and more recently of posting a vulgar message on Facebook.

Liano has hit back, telling AAP that the legal letter was sent to the show’s producers and not directed at her fellow Housewives.

“I never sent it to them. I sent one to the producers and I cc’d the girls in,” Liano said.

“I’ve explained what ‘cc’ means … but it’s not getting through to them, so for business women they are not very cluey.”

Liano said Moss and some of the housewives have been using social media inappropriately and personally attacking her and her fans.

She said it’s now at the stage where if a second season is commissioned, she may not return.

While praising the editing and production of the series, she said the experience and friction between the Housewives is unhealthy.

“The other girls are quite offensive and defamatory to me and to my followers (on social media),” Liano said.

“They are using it as a platform for damage control for their bad behaviour.

“I don’t know, I’m undecided (about coming back).

“There’s a lot of childish behaviour. If I wanted to work in a creche I would have.”

Moss said things have gone from bad to worse since filming for the series ended last year and that she hid her anger during the taping of the series.

Her accusation that Liano posted of a vulgar Facebook message was backed up by fellow Housewife Janet Roach who has been taken aback by the saga.

‘”I don’t have an issue with her (Liano) so I am really hurt and disappointed in the way she has attacked the other girls,” Roach told AAP.

“I can’t believe a woman would even think of it.”

All six housewives have signed three year contracts to appear on the series although they are free to leave whenever they want.

* The Real Housewives of Melbourne screens Sundays at 8.30pm (AEDT) on Arena.

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