Man in scuffle with Aussie strippers ID’d

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A man accused of firing a gun near the head of a performer in the Thunder From Down Under male revue during a backstage robbery attempt has been identified by authorities.


Joey Kadmiri, 24, a Las Vegas resident with a history of scrapes with the law, was scheduled for a court appearance on Friday on felony attempted murder, armed robbery, burglary and weapon charges after the confrontation late on Tuesday at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino.

Police said Kadmiri provided another name when he was hospitalised, and when he was fingerprinted and photographed on Wednesday at the Clark County jail. A police spokesman wouldn’t say on Thursday how Kadmiri was positively identified.

No one was wounded by the gunshot, but a 55-year-old member of the Australian men’s dance revue was treated at the Excalibur for minor face injuries after the fight involving Kadmiri and several heavily muscled male dancers. Kadmiri was left with a black eye and bruises.

Witnesses told police that, at first, they thought Kadmiri was a new dancer when they saw him wearing costume clothing and walking around backstage. They said he pulled a gun and fired one shot when he was confronted by the show director and others as he tried to take a suitcase with show props and clothes.

The .44-calibre Magnum handgun fell to the floor in the scuffle. Police said it wasn’t registered.

Kadmiri also was booked on an arrest warrant issued in December alleging kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, coercion and battery in a domestic violence case. In that case, Kadmiri is accused of striking a woman, pointing a gun at her and confining her to a closet in November.

Court records show Kadmiri has faced charges including jaywalking, providing false information to police and resisting an officer. He was convicted in September 2011 of misdemeanour escape stemming from a March 2010 attempt to run, while handcuffed, from police arresting him on unspecified felony charges.

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