NSW wife killer gets nine years

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A man who stabbed his young wife to death because she questioned his masculinity will spend at least nine years behind bars.


Yassir Ibrahim Mohamed Hassan, 56, killed 24-year-old Mariam Yousif at their southwest Sydney apartment in April 2012.

On Friday, NSW Supreme Court Judge Peter Garling sentenced him to 12 years in prison with a non-parole period of nine years.

Hassan was originally charged with murder but was found guilty of manslaughter by reason of provocation.

The pair married in their native Sudan when Hassan was 45 and his bride just 16, before moving to Melbourne, where Ms Yousif had grown up.

The couple then moved to Sydney, settling in Wiley Park.

“From about that time the marital relationship deteriorated,” Judge Garling said.

He said a cultural disconnect and age gap between husband and wife triggered disagreements ranging from Ms Yousif’s approach to socialising, her brother, and differing child-rearing philosophies.

At one stage, Ms Yousif went to live with her mother because Hassan ended the marriage under Muslim law, but she returned a few weeks later when he called to inform her “he had rescinded their divorce”.

On the day Hassan killed his wife, the pair had argued about a broken coffee grinder.

Ms Yousif called Hassan at work but he told her to wait until he got home.

The judge said Hassan was an “unimpressive witness”, but his was the only account of what happened between his 6pm return home and Ms Yousif’s death in bed five hours later.

“He said that his wife said to him words to the effect that he was not a man … and that he should look in the mirror,” Judge Garling said.

Hassan plunged a kitchen knife into her as she cowered beneath the bedsheets.

“He stabbed her at least 14 times,” Judge Garling said.

“The attack was vicious, brutal and was completely excessive in all the circumstances.”

Then he took a shower and hid the knife in a cupboard before calling police to tell them there had been “trouble” with his wife, the court was told.

Judge Garling said he saw no evidence Hassan was remorseful – rather, he saw “a man who feels wronged”.

Hassan was expressionless as an Arabic translator conveyed the judge’s comments.

Ms Yousif’s mother and other family members cried and held hands in the public gallery.

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