NSW murder case reward sparks fresh hope

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It is a path well travelled for overseas backpackers.


A campervan, young love, Australia’s wilderness and seasonal work to keep the dream going.

Many young travellers return from their rite of passage penniless but with experiences to shape their future.

Not Simone Strobel.

The 25-year-old’s 12-month journey ended horrifically on a desolate sporting field in northern NSW.

Nine years on, the German national’s murder remains unsolved.

But a new 10,000 euro ($A15,000) reward from German authorities for any information to solve the case has prompted a trickle of fresh calls to police in Australia and Germany.

A NSW detective who has been at the investigation’s coalface since Ms Strobel’s naked body was found in Lismore in 2005 says information received so far is not new, but police hope those implicated in the death have confided in a third party.

Ms Strobel arrived in Australia in 2004 with boyfriend Tobias Suckfuell on a one-year working visa.

The couple welcomed friend Jens Martin and Mr Suckfuell’s sister Katrin Suckfuell to their travelling party in 2005.

The German foursome checked into the Lismore Tourist Caravan Park in the north coast on February 11, 2005.

After being turfed out of a pub that night, the travellers returned to their simple accommodation, not far from the local police station, and Ms Strobel and Mr Suckfuell argued.

A 2007 inquest into Ms Strobel’s death heard the kindergarten teacher stormed off and did not return.

Six days later, a police officer and his dog discovered a woman’s decomposing body covered in palm fronds at sporting grounds 90 metres from the caravan park.

According to NSW Deputy State Coroner Paul MacMahon’s findings, a post-mortem indicated Ms Strobel had been stripped down before her body was taken through the sports grounds’ wire fence and dumped.

A passerby found Ms Strobel’s singlet the next day, but not knowing its significance, left it on a railing, where it fell into a drain any likely forensic evidence was washed away.

The sympathetic Lismore community was shocked and embraced Mr Suckfuell, who publicly appealed for help to find the “bloody, evil monster” responsible for his girlfriend’s death.

The community saw Mr Suckfuell as the collateral damage in a predatory attack: stuck in a foreign land with a broken heart and no means of returning home.

“The public weren’t aware of everything we knew about the investigation,” NSW police Detective Sergeant Dave Mackie, the officer in charge of the investigation, told AAP.

“So in a lot of people’s mind, they believed that there was a killer out there in the community.”

So much was the support from Lismore that $3000 was raised to fly Mr Suckfuell home, where he remained and refused to return during the inquest into Ms Strobel’s death.

The inquest later heard there was a “strong suspicion” Mr Suckfuell was responsible for his girlfriend’s death.

Police also suspected Katrin Suckfuell was involved or knew more than she was letting on.

Det Sgt Mackie said Mr Suckfuell, Ms Suckfuell and Mr Martin provided very similar accounts to police.

“That is always a bit of a red flag, where you have a matter where a number of people are involved and they just give a very brief account but they are all strikingly similar in their accounts,” he said.

Mr Martin told the inquest Mr Suckfuell and Ms Strobel’s relationship had been increasingly strained and on the night she disappeared she was in tears.

Mr Martin also claimed while he and Katrin searched for Ms Strobel that night, Mr Suckfuell stayed in his van.

The deputy state coroner found Ms Strobel died from suffocation or asphyxia.

German authorities launched their own homicide investigation in 2005 but this February they took it a step further, putting up a $A15,000 reward, which can also be paid to an Australian.

“This is very unusual but we think that maybe since this case happened so long ago, they (perpetrators) might have confessed to somebody … maybe they felt the need to talk,” a German investigator told AAP.

“So we are targeting these people that might have heard from them.”

With witnesses interviewed and re-interviewed, an inquest concluded and no foreseeable forensic developments that may prompt a breakthrough, the hope rests with the public.

“You would like to get a result and put someone before the court that is responsible for something like that,” Det Sgt Mackie said.

“But also I feel sorry for the family. Their daughter has come over here and hasn’t come back.

“And no one has been made accountable for that.”

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29 of 30 US big banks pass stress tests

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All but one of the US’ 30 largest banks are now strong enough to weather another severe economic crash, the Federal Reserve says.


In the newest of the series of health examinations mandated after the 2008 financial crisis, only Zions Bancorp could not measure up to a basic capital standard in a theoretical drastic meltdown of the economy.

Twenty-nine bank holding companies held up in the worst-case scenario with a cumulative 7.8 per cent Tier 1 common ratio, a basic measure of capital strength, down from 11.5 per cent at the end of the third quarter last year, but ending well above the 5.0 per cent minimum target.

That represented a steady strengthening of the sector since the tests began three years ago,

Salt Lake City, Utah-based Zions Bancorp was the only one which fell below the threshold, finishing the nine months of the theoretical meltdown period with just a 3.5 per cent Tier 1 common ratio — the level of shareholder equity and reserves.

The banks were measured against a situation when real gross domestic product contracts 4.75 per cent, the unemployment rate hits 11.25 per cent, equities shed half their value and home prices lose a quarter of their value.

In that scenario, banks saw $US501 billion ($A555.40 billion) in losses over nine months.

“The severely adverse scenario features a deep recession in the United States, Europe, and Japan, significant declines in asset prices and increases in risk premia, and a marked economic slowdown in developing Asia,” the Fed report said.

The scenario also included for the eight largest banks a default by their own largest counterparty.

The banks that held up the best included American Express, Bank of New York Mellon, Fifth Third Bank, Northern Trust and State Street. All ended the tests with core capital far above the industry average.

Frank Keating, president of the American Bankers Association, said the tests showed that banks continue to strengthen.

“Regulators threw every economic calamity they could think of at our nation’s largest banks, and these institutions once again proved their ability to handle even the most extreme financial distress,” he said in a statement on Thursday.

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Johnny Cash’s great-niece found dead

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The great-niece of the late singer Johnny Cash has been found stabbed to death and stuffed in a box in a house, authorities in Tennessee say.


Putnam County Sheriff David Andrews said Courtney Cash’s body was found Wednesday morning in a home near Cookeville, about 112km east of Nashville.

Cash’s body was found in a chest just inside the front door, Andrews said. A man identified as William Austin Johnson, Cash’s boyfriend, was being treated for stab wounds at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Andrews said.

Andrews said the pair had gone out with a friend before an altercation took place in the house where Johnson and Cash lived with their young child. The friend, identified as Wayne Gary Masciarella, has been charged with first-degree murder.

Johnson escaped the attack and took the child with him before driving to the hospital, Andrews said. The scene inside the house was “somewhat bloody”, Andrews told reporters at a news conference.

“There was a struggle,” the sheriff said.

The suspect may have been trying to hide Cash’s body, Andrews said. A motive was not released, but Andrews indicated the stabbings were likely connected to drugs.

“This is a senseless, tragic death of a young lady whose life was probably taken as a direct or indirect result of drugs,” Andrews said.

Johnny Cash’s brother, Tommy Cash, released a statement asking for prayers for the family after the loss of his granddaughter.

“We are completely heartbroken,” the statement said.

Masciarella is being held without bond. He has a court date scheduled for April 21. Officials in Putnam County said they do not know if he has a lawyer.

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Turkey PM threatens to ‘wipe out’ Twitter

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Turkey’s combative prime minister has warned that he will eradicate Twitter in the wake of damaging allegations of corruption in his inner circle that have spread across social networks in recent weeks.


“We will wipe out Twitter. I don’t care what the international community says,” premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday at an election rally in the western province of Bursa.

“They will see the Turkish republic’s strength,” he added.

Reports have since emerged online that access has been blocked.

At 11:30pm the turkish government has blocked access to twitter. #Turkey #Censorship

— RedHackEditor ★ (@RedHackEditor) March 20, 2014

I’m told that the Twitter ban is slowly being rolled out in Turkey. Will update when I know more. 南宁桑拿,南宁夜生活,/AhMy4gdOU0

— Tim Pool (@Timcast) March 20, 2014

Here’s what people in #Turkey are seeing when they try to access Twitter: pic.twitter广西桑拿,/jRl5CO3JaL

— grasswire (@grasswire) March 20, 2014

The Internet Publishers Association, a body representing online and media companies, said the move was an attempt to “destroy freedom of expression”.

“The prime minister having the power to shut down Twitter will be the confirmation of dictatorship,” it said in a statement published by local media on Thursday.

Turkey, which has more than 10 million Twitter users, has seen access to thousands of sites blocked in recent years.

YouTube was banned for two years up to 2010 because of material deemed insulting to the country’s revered founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Erdogan, Turkey’s all-powerful leader since 2003, has been under mounting pressure since audio recordings spread across social media that appeared to put him at the heart of a major corruption investigation.

Recordings include an apparent discussion between Erdogan and his son about hiding money, as well as others in which he appears to be interfering in business deals, court cases and media coverage.

Some of the most damaging information has come from a Twitter account under the name Haramzadeler (“Sons of Thieves”), which appears to have access to a huge trove of secret documents and police wiretaps linked to the investigation.

Erdogan has dismissed most of the recordings as “vile” fakes concocted by his rivals, and threatened to ban YouTube and Facebook after crucial local elections on March 30.

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Thieves spend months digging tunnel to steal thousands of dollars

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The team of thieves started the tunnel in wasteland next to the Tesco.


The group tunneled into the store, grabbed the cash and left through the tunnel.

The tunnel stretched for more than 15 metres and authorities believe the team has been working for months.

The group had to negotiate pipes and electricity lines as well as the building’s foundations to reach the steel bottom of the store.

Police say this was well planned and would have taken weeks of labour.

“These people had obviously spent a long time plotting this crime and I doubt they would have been able to keep their plans secret for all that time, without telling others about their elaborate scheme,” Detective Sergeant Mark Toker said.

“The offenders must have spent long periods of time in the area over the last few months, which people may have noticed.”

“You may have seen people acting suspiciously on Friday night, possibly covered in soil,” he said.

It’s not yet clear how much was taken, but it’s believed to be around $150,000 (GBP 80,000).

Experts believe whoever built the tunnel knew exactly what they were doing.

“They must be very professional in order to do this,” said.

“There was plenty of experience in order to do this. They must have a pneumatic drill and a generator to operate it and wheelbarrows, shovels and plenty of buckets to do the job.”

This is the second time thieves have targeted an ATM by going underground in Greater Manchester.

Two years ago, thieves created a tunnel under a video store and stole almost $11,000 (GBP 6,000).

Police are investigating if the same gang is responsible for the most recent attack.

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Bid for flood-damaged car a joke

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A submerged car abandoned because of flooding on southwest England’s Somerset Levels and put on eBay “sold” for more than STG100,000 ($A183,770), before the bid was revealed to be a joke.


The unnamed bidder paid STG101,100 on the online auction site to buy the Seat Toledo after it was put up for sale by owner Hubert Zajaczkowski, 21.

Zajaczkowski was forced to leave the car, which had done 176,990 kilometres, on a road near the village of Muchelney on Christmas Eve because of the rising water.

For weeks the five-door silver petrol car remained stranded under water, filmed and photographed by national and international media and press as an illustration of the disaster unfolding in Somerset.

It was even commented on by the Prince of Wales and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

After the eBay auction, it emerged the bid appeared to be a practical joke by a 12-year-old boy.

Zajaczkowski told the Somerset Gazette he was disappointed at the apparent hoax bidding.

“I was quite shocked how high the bidding was,” he told the paper.

He had bought the 15-year-old 1.8-litre saloon for STG600.

“But I did contact the top bidder but he was not legit. Basically it was a 17-year-old lad whose 12-year-old brother thought it would be funny.”

Last week, Zajaczkowski, an apprentice at AgustaWestland in Yeovil, spoke of his shock at the car making headlines around the world.

“I wasn’t expecting my car to be on telly and then eventually international news and in newspapers,” he said.

“It smells. It is unbelievably disgusting in there.”

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Newman’s doctor threat ‘petrol on a fire’

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The Australian Medical Association says the Queensland premier has inflamed an industrial dispute by threatening to hire doctors from interstate and overseas.


Campbell Newman has threatened to shop outside Queensland for new doctors, if senior medical officers who work in the state’s public hospitals quit rather than sign new work contracts.

Mr Newman has accused a doctors’ union of wanting to start a war, after more than 1200 specialists voted unanimously on Wednesday to reject amended contracts offered by the government.

With warnings of mass resignations, the premier says he has a plan B if that occurs.

“If people do choose to resign, we will have in place arrangements to replace those people and if we have to replace people from interstate or overseas … we shall do that,” he told parliament on Thursday.

Australian Medical Association president Steve Hambleton said the comments had inflamed an already tense dispute, and he’s called for cool heads on both sides.

“Tipping petrol on a fire isn’t going to get the heat out of it,” he told ABC radio.

“We need some sensible heads, we need some time, and we’re trying to put this thing back together.

“It’s very hard to control people who are unhappy. They just get suspicious when time frames are rushed. We’ve just got to calm things down. There’s no need to put petrol on the fire.”

The doctors’ union, the Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation, has warned that if a compromise is not reached, elective surgery in Queensland could be cancelled by July.

But Mr Newman urged doctors to see the federation for what it was – “a bunch of people who simply want a war, not a solution”.

Health Minister Lawrence Springborg says he’s disappointed the union has been “talking about nuclear options to blow up the hospital system”.

But the government’s Assistant Health Minister Chris Davis has spoken out against the individual work contracts.

“In my opinion, contracts should not proceed without transparent evidence of proposed efficacy and the due diligence,” Dr Davis, a former director of geriatric medicine at Brisbane’s Prince Charles Hospital, told Wednesday night’s meeting.

The government wants doctors to sign contracts by April 30.

The Gold Coast Medical Association has told the ABC that Mr Newman’s plan B, to source doctors from outside Queensland, could fail.

Vice president Dr Stephen Withers says senior officers with specialist skills are in demand worldwide.

“I’m not sure where the premier would go to recruit those doctors from, but I certainly don’t think that comments such as that are really helpful in bringing us back to the table,” he told the broadcaster.

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Iglesias: Parents must ban raunchy videos

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Enrique Iglesias is urging parents to monitor what their children watch online and ban them from viewing raunchy pop videos.


The Hero star is famous for his saucy lyrics and raunchy music videos, and he was seen cavorting with semi-naked models in his last pop promo for I’m a Freak.

British censors announced plans to introduce an age-rating system for music videos back in January so parents can identify whether the content is suitable for their children, much like the system in place for movies, and Iglesias has now waded into the debate.

In an interview with BBC Breakfast on Thursday, the star was asked if promos should be age-rated, and he replied, “I do think it depends on the video, yes.”

He then insisted it is ultimately parents’ responsibility to ensure their children are not exposed to sexualised material, adding: “Nowadays TV is the least you should be worried about because you have the internet and kids on the internet can find whatever they want.

“Having said that, I’m a firm believer that it all comes down to the parents. I think parents should know what their kids are listening to. It comes down to them being responsible and making sure that they know what video games they’re playing, what music they’re listening to, what they’re doing in their free time.”

When asked if that would be how he would raise his children, he added: “I hope that I would. I’m not a father yet but… I think it’s all a balance at the end of the day. You have to be realistic too.”

In a separate interview with Access Hollywood, the 38-year-old pop star, who lives with his tennis player and model girlfriend Anna Kournikova in Miami, said he would have to make changes in his own life before he could contemplate children.

“Hopefully the day I have kids I’ll just lay back a bit and not travel as much and be touring constantly. I don’t want to be on the road for six months, eight months, come back and not recognise my own child.

“I have made a rule in the past few years that I try to be not out on the road more than 15 days in a row. That’s important to me. I need that balance in my life.”

Iglesias is currently promoting his tenth studio album Sex and Love, which was released on March 14.

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Like Murray, Djokovic to go it alone in Miami

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“He has surgery of both hips today and tomorrow, so that’s unfortunate.


He couldn’t come, he was supposed to come here,” Djokovic said during a pre-tournament news conference.

“Basically in the finals of Indian Wells he called us and said that he had an emergency and he has to operate both hips.”

While Becker recovers, world number two Djokovic arrives in Miami fresh off a confidence-boosting win over Roger Federer in Sunday’s final of the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells.

It was the first win of the season for the Serb, who joined forces with the German tennis great last December after losing grand slam finals in 2013 to Spain’s Rafa Nadal (U.S. Open) and Briton Murray (Wimbledon).

“I knew I’m playing well,” said Djokovic, who will take on Frenchman Jeremy Chardy in a second-round clash after receiving a first-round bye. “I had an incredible end of 2013, so I did have confidence but I started a little bit doubting myself on the court.

“I was struggling a little bit with my, I would say, consistency and the concentration.”

Djokovic expects Becker to be back with his team in Monte Carlo next month and otherwise expects no other disruptions to their schedule.

While Djokovic and Becker will continue their relationship, defending champion Murray will go it alone in Miami, announcing this week that he had split with Ivan Lendl.

Murray, the world number six, offered few clues on Thursday as to why he and Lendl ended their successful partnership but reiterated that it had been a mutual decision.

“Well, to be honest, I was not surprised,” said Djokovic, when asked for his thoughts on the breakup. “But, again, I didn’t know what to expect.

“They worked for two years, and obviously it brought both of them, especially Andy, a lot of success on the court.

“He won Olympic Games, won a few grand slams. I think it was a very good decision from inside to be working with Ivan.

“Now they split. I mean, they obviously had a good reason for that. I’m not the one who should judge.”

(Editing by Frank Pingue)

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First tweets revealed on Twitter’s bday

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Twitter is turning eight years old and to celebrate you can now search for the very first words your friends or favourite celebrities ever tweeted.


The new tool on first-tweets广西桑拿, allows you to type in the name of any Twitter account and find their first post.

And the trip down memory lane is a mixed bag, ranging from tentative first words to self-promotion.

The most followed account is that of US pop star Katy Perry, with more than 51 million followers.

When she joined the site in February 2009 her first tweet was “Just got into Berlin… feeling better thank you, have my vicks inhaler by my bedside… and P.S. I GOT TWITTTTER! GAH. Such a follower!”

US President Barack Obama’s first post in April 2007 was as a primary candidate campaigning to end the war in Iraq.

“Thinking we’re only one signature away from ending the war in Iraq. Learn more at 南宁桑拿网,南宁夜网.barackobama广西桑拿,,” he tweeted.

Over in Australia, rugby league player Josh Dugan’s questionable track record with social media began innocently enough.

“New to twitter, came to see what all the fuss is about lol,” @Josh_Dugan tweeted.

Funnywoman Rebel Wilson tweeted about the 2010 movie that helped cement her popularity in the United States.

“Finished my first US movie filmed in the US…look out for BRIDESMAIDS in May 2011..Kristen Wiig is going to kill, Matt Lucas is HOT x”.

Pop princess Kylie Minogue’s first post was chirpy.

“Tweet tweet!! It’s official. I’m here!!” she wrote in August 2009.

Since it’s inception in 2006, the social media platform is frequented by more than 241 million users in 35 different languages.

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