Vic kindy kidnapper jailed for bashing

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Serafettin Huseyin once kidnapped a group of terrified kindergarten kids and doused them in petrol to highlight his wife’s medical compensation battle over the birth of their son.


More than two decades on, it was a belief that his wife misled him about the timing of that pregnancy that led Huseyin to bash her with a hatchet in an attempt to permanently disfigure her.

In an attack described by a judge as “cold, calculated and premeditated”, Huseyin struck his sleeping wife with the butt of a heavy steel hatchet at least three times in their Dandenong home in November 2012.

Huseyin, who was found guilty by a jury of intentionally causing serious injury, was jailed on Friday for nine-and-a-half years and must serve at least seven years before being eligible for parole.

The now 62-year-old had planned the attack for nine months, believing his wife had misled him about the timing of, and reason for, her pregnancy, which resulted in the birth of their son more than 30 years earlier.

It was that birth, he believed, that caused his wife health problems, caused the compensation battle and led to him kidnapping four children at a Hawthorn kindergarten in 1989.

Huseyin served 14 years in jail for the kidnapping.

Sentencing him on Friday, Victorian County Court Judge Frank Saccardo said both crimes involved Huseyin using extreme and violent measures to bring attention to what Huseyin believed was a wrong done to him.

“In that sense, it is clear that you have little regard for the rights and safety of members of the public or your family,” he said.

Judge Saccardo said the crime was cowardly and committed against a defenceless woman.

The attack was interrupted by the couple’s son, just as Huseyin had the hatchet above his wife’s head to deliver another blow.

The attack left Huseyin’s wife with a fractured cheekbone and wounds to the back of her head.

Judge Saccardo said Huseyin had shown no remorse for his crime and had refused to undergo a psychological assessment.

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